​                              eHudson


“In our striving for efficiency, have we lost empathy for the traveler?”

The e-Hudson is, like most concepts of our time, all-electric, fully autonomous, and covered by a big sweeping glass dome. What distinguishes it, though, is e-hudson’s vision of how it fits into the broader scheme of city infrastructure, short-haul flights, working commutes, and environmental concerns.

the way it serve~

Along with Wendy Wang & PeiXuan Li

It can serve as a mobile bedroom, replacing red-eye flights with a smoother, calmer, quicker, and more environmentally friendly travel option. It can turn your work commute into much more productive time, offering the connectivity and space of a mobile office. Alternatively, it can be your living room and entertainment space. A modular interior with relevant information projected onto the windows makes flexibility the overriding characteristic of the 360c’s functionality.

the space it have

The interior imitates the office environment. It provides comfortable seats and working tables inside, and includes an external baggage rack on  the top of the rare wheels to save the interior space. 

the way it work

eHUDSON is installed with face recognition technology that allows the commuters to clock in and clock out hours once they get on the car so that the time spending on the commuting will be counted. They can also get some works done on the way to the destination. 

Different from taxi services, eHUDSON is a business-oriented carpool that only accept scheduled appointment. It saves the worker's time from waiting and communicating on apps. It is a transportation that will always be on time. The vehicle calculates time accurately so that people can take the commuting time into their schedule and save time for other works. 

the power it has

The future car also has contributes to the sustainable global environment. It uses electronic power. The charging system is also intuitive and time-saving. The battery is on the bottom of the car. When charging, the car will park itself on a wireless charging station. 

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